Bastogne Outing 14 Dec

Parents and Scouts,

As you know we will be taking the troop to Bastogne for the 70th Anniversary Memorial hike and events. This will be the last time the event is being held and is a truly one of a kind event – I highly encourage your sons to attend.  Due to the logistics required and timing we are taking early reservations, outside of our normal troop procedures.  We have open sign-ups until 3 Dec.  Following 3 Dec we will offer any remaining slots to Webelos I and II scouts to attend.  Please email Danny Whitehurst or me to reserve your slot.


  • $100 includes, food, transportation, lodging and activity fees.
  • $40 for those driving separately
  • Excludes snacks and extra spending money 20 Euro recommended for the later.

Meals:  All meals will be planned for and prepared by the scouts who will eat as a troop.  Guests/adults traveling with the troop will be provided the same food.  As above

cost is included in the fee.

Uniform:  Class A uniform for travel to, from and around Bastogne.  Class B uniform on the bus.

Transportation:  The troop has a 30 passenger commercial bus reserved for the trip.  Currently, 15 slots are filled.  We may be able to increase the bus size if we know early enough.

Coordinating Instructions:

  • Scouts must have a complete medical form to attend
  • Parents attending must have completed BSA Youth Protection Training
  • All scouts/adult MUST have passports with them to travel.  I would challenge the troop to break its record of never traveling internationally without someone forgetting their passport…I know we can do it 🙂

Key Timeline Events:

12 Dec
500 – Scouts arrive at Patch Scout Hut.
NLT 1600 – 30 passenger bus depart Scout Hut for Tenneville, Belgium (scouts will stay in a bunk house).

13 Dec
NLT 0700 – Depart Tenneville via bus Bastogne (~20 km)
0800 – UTC – Battlefield Hike w/reenactors (scouts will choose 6k, 13k or 22K route)
1300 – 1600 – Activities around Bastogne
~1600 – Depart Bastogne via bus en route Tenneville
1630 – Arrive Tenneville; dinner, evening activities, potentially returning to Marsden for a light show (boys will choose).

14 Dec
NLT 0900– depart Tenneville en route Luxembourg American Cemetery
~1030 – 1200 tour American Cemetery
~1800 – Scouts released from the Scout Hut

Yours in Scouting,
John Cass
Scoutmaster, Troop 324