Troop 324 is a scout-led troop where the boys decide, lead and participate in their trips, activities, and service projects. The adult leadership guides the scouts on their path to Eagle.

Many thanks to our chartering organization, the Special Forces Association Böblingen.

The troop meets at 7-8:15 PM every Wednesday evening at the Patch Baracks Scout Hut, Stuttgart, Germany (located in building 2352, across from the Patch Hub).

We are looking forward to meeting you,
Steff Ockey,
Scoutmaster Troop 324


Find below some news from our troop:

canoeing on the neckar 05.16

” A man can drive 100 miles in a car, but if he paddles 1 mile in a canoe he will be much further from where he started”…

…and the troop paddled over 7 miles on the neckar river, some scouts worked on the canoeing merit badge to include capsizing the boats, all slept in teepees and enjoyed a campfire with a full moon. we ended our trip by concquering an old castle that was located right above our campsite.

cooking campout dettingen 04.16

The troop headed to Dettingen unter Teck for a cooking campout. The scouts did their magic with the dutch ovens to make some fantastic pizza, chicken and lasagne. To spice up the campout, we also enjoyed a great hike, worked on fire building for the younger scouts and built a gigantic tripod-swing.

hiking grossbottwar 04.2016

Hiking Campout

Our April hiking campout took us to the town of Grossbottwar.

The younger scouts went on a 5 mile hike and conquered an old tower, went up and down vineyards and got to see an old mill in operation before enjoying some ice cream on the medieval town square of Grossbottwar.
Check out http://www.outdooractive.com/en/hiking-trail/stuttgart-and-surrounding-area/t324-hike-04-2016-5m/106046003/#dm=1 for more details

Our senior scouts set out for an 8 mile hike that included 345 meters of climbing up the hills and 345 meters down. We enjoyed the view down from the Lichtenberg castle and tasted some freshly baked German bread.

The link http://www.outdooractive.com/en/hiking-trail/stuttgart-and-surrounding-area/t324-hike-04-16-10m/106046129/#dm=1 shows the route.